Download the Highlighted Curriculum and Instructional Gap Analysis document for your grade level.

Analyze the relationships between the new student expectations and the instructional gaps that need to be addressed so that students are prepared for the implementation year 2014-2015.

Use the Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison, A Vertical Look at Key Concepts and Procedures, and the Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points Revised 2013 documents during your analysis.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • As a teacher, what is the new content that I will be teaching in 2014-2015?
  • As a student, what do I need to know so that I am ready to learn new content in 2014-2015?

Record any "ahas" or "oh-nos" on the Gap Analysis Notes page in your journal, and share at least one thought with your colleagues in the "Forums."

Materials for Download
Grade K-2 Highlighted Gap Analysis (PDF) Grade 3-5 Highlighted Gap Analysis (PDF)
Grade 6-8 Highlighted Gap Analysis (PDF) Video Transcript (PDF)