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The following are true of area:

  • Area is a measure of the two-dimensional space inside a closed two-dimensional figure or surface of a three-dimensional figure.

  • Area describes the number of non-overlapping square units a figure or region covers.

  • Area is measured in square units, units2.

  • The area of some regions enclosed by a two-dimensional figure may be determined by using a formula.


Use the links below to further study examples of area.

Area Activity 1
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Square labeled 3 units by 5 units. P equals 3 plus 5 plus 3 plus 5. P equals 16 units. Triangle labeled 7 units by 5 units by 13 units. P equals 7 plus 13 plus 5. P equals 25 units.

TEKS: 2(9)(F), 3(6)(C), 3(6)(D), 3(6)(E), 4(5)(C), 4(5)(D), 5(4)(H), 6(8)(B), 6(8)(C), 6(8)(D), 7(8)(C), 7(9)(B), 7(9)(C), 7(9)(D), 8(6)(A), 8(7)(B), G(11)(A), G(11)(B), G(11)(C), G(12)(C), G(13)(B)