Bar Graph

My Definition

Key Characteristics

The following are true of a bar graph:

  • Bars of the same width are used to represent the frequency of each value in a data set.

  • The height or length of the bar represents the frequency of a specific data value.

  • Data may be numerical or categorical.

  • The graph may be drawn vertically or horizontally.

  • The graph allows one to make comparisons between and among quantities.

  • Two sets of data may be graphed on a double bar graph with different colors or patterns used to indicate the different sets.


Bar Graph Interactive

Select bar graph. Create a row in the table for each of the bars in your data set. The sample data below could be used to make three different graphs: Wins, Losses, and Wins and Losses.

bar graph interactive


Favorite Pet is an example of a picture graph.

favorite pet picture graph

TEKS: 2(10)(A), 2(10)(B), 2(10)(C), 3(8)(A), 3(8)(B), 5(9)(A), 5(9)(C), 6(12)(D),