Computational Fluency

My Definition

Key Characteristics

The following are true of computational fluency:

  • It includes applying accurate, efficient, generalizable methods for computing to produce accurate answers.

  • It is based on understanding algorithms, including traditional, novel, and student-developed.

  • It is demonstrated with flexibility in choosing computational methods.

  • It connects conceptual and procedural understandings.

  • It balances understanding and skill when computing to solve a problem.

  • It is based on understanding meaning of operations and their relationships to each other.

  • It is based on knowledge of number relationships, including the base ten system and facts.


Video Transcript (PDF)


Demonstrating skill proficiency without understanding of numbers and relationships, such as place value or proportionality.

Demonstrating understanding of algorithms for integer operations without skill proficiency.

TEKS: This term is not explicitly stated in the TEKS.