Decomposition of Geometric Figures

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The following are true of decomposition of geometric figures:

  • To decompose is to separate into two or more parts.

  • To decompose figures can mean the separation of a shape into two or more nonoverlapping shapes.

Note: In Algebra II and subsequent coursework, the verb "decompose" refers to recognition of functions that were combined to make a new one.


The pentagon below has been decomposed to create a square and a triangle.


With this tool, you can explore how to decompose shapes and recompose them to make other shapes.


The composite figure below is composed of two rectangles.

composite figure below is composed of two rectangles

The following figures are overlapping, and as such are not a decomposition of figures.

overlapping figures

Click on the link below to further study examples of composition of geometric figures.

Composition of Geometric Figures Activity

TEKS: 2(8)(E), 3(6)(D), 3(6)(E), 5(4)(A), 7(9)(C)