Dot Plot

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Key Characteristics

The following are true of a dot plot:

  • The data may be numerical or categorical.

  • Dots, indicating frequencies, are placed vertically above a line labeled with categories or numerical values.

  • The dots may represent one count or more if so noted.

  • Dot plots are best for organizing a small set of data with a relatively small range.

  • A dot plot of numerical data shows the range, outliers, shape, and spread of the data.


A sample dot plot is shown below.

Dotplot of Random Values
Dot Plot
Random Values

Click on the link below to create your own dot plot.

If a number is deleted the interactive will need to be restarted. Numbers can only be replaced.

Dot Plot Activity

Dox Plot Activity


Scores on Final Exams is an example of a histogram.

Scores on Final Exam


TEKS: 3(8)(A), 3(8)(B), 4(9)(A), 4(9)(B), 5(9)(A), 5(9)(C), 6(12)(A), 6(13)(A), 7(6)(G),