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Key Characteristics

The following are true of an expression:

  • It is a mathematical statement that does not have an equal sign or an inequality sign.

  • An expression is never solved. It is simplified.

  • It is possible to evaluate for any variables present when values for those variables are given.

  • It may contain numbers, variables, grouping symbols, and/or operations.


Use the link below to further study examples of Expressions.

Expression Card Sort Activity


This is an example of an equation, even though it is composed of two equivalent expressions.
5x + 6 = 9 + 2x

TEKS: 1(5)(E), 3(5)(C), 4(5)(B), 5(4)(E), 5(4)(F), 6(7)(A), 6(7)(B), 6(7)(C), 6(7)(D)