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Key Characteristics

The following are true of an inequality:

  • It is a relationship between two expressions that may or may not be equal.

  • It uses one of the following symbols:
    > (greater than),
    < (less than),
    ≥ (greater than or equal),
    ≤ (less than or equal),
    ≠ (not equal).

  • It may have more than one solution or no solution.


example of a inequality


This process is called solving an equation. In this case, the process results in one value for x that makes the equation true.

-4(x -1) = 6x + 5 + 2x
-4x + 4 = 8x - 5
-12x = -9
x =

x =

TEKS: 6(9)(A), 6(9)(B), 6(9)(C), 6(10)(A), 6(10)(B), 7(10)(A), 7(10)(B), 7(10)(C),
7(11)(A), 7(11)(B), 8(8)(A), 8(8)(B)