Number Sense Activity

Anita is a fifth-grade student who has been described as having number sense. Drag the characteristics cards that describe a fifth-grader with number sense into the area labeled "Examples of Number Sense."

  • She determined that her solution to a problem was reasonable.
  • She needed an open number line to compare 165 and 118.
  • She understands multiple ways to approach or solve a problem.
  • She used mental math correctly to determine the sum of 1,241 and 382.
  • To determine a reasonable estimate for 510 × 9, she multiplied 500 by 9.
  • She understands how to compose and decompose numbers to support mental math.
  • She drew pictures of base ten blocks to solve 39 + 52.
  • She decides which strategy or method to use based on the problem.
  • She understands the relative magnitude of a number.
  • To solve the problem 23 × 12, she skip-counted by 12.
  • She cannot explain why the standard algorithm produces an accurate answer when correctly applied.



Examples of Number Sense