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Key Characteristics

The following are true of a prism:

  • It has two parallel and congruent polygonal bases.

  • Its lateral faces are parallelograms.

  • It is named for the shape of its base. For example, a pentagonal prism would have pentagonal bases.

  • It has faces, vertices, and edges that can be counted.

  • Parallel line segments connect corresponding points on the two bases.

  • If a plane intersects the prism and is parallel to the bases, the cross section is congruent to each of the bases.


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Prism Activity


TEKS: 1(6)(E), 2(8)(B), 3(6)(A), 5(4)(G), 5(6)(B), 6(8)(C), 6(8)(D), 7(8)(A), 7(8)(B),
7(9)(A), 7(9)(D), 8(7)(B)