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Key Characteristics

The following are true of slope:

  • It describes the steepness of a line.

  • It can also be referred to as the rate of change.

  • It can be written as a ratio that compares the change in the dependent variable to change in the independent variable,

  • It can be positive, negative, zero, or undefined.

  • It is represented algebraically by the variable, m, in the formula y = mx + b.

  • It can be determined using the formula m = 
    y2 - y1x2 - x1
    when two points on a line are known.

  • It can be determined using the sides of right triangles (slope triangles) on a graph.


Use this link below to further study an example of slope.

Slope Activity

slope activity


Given the graph of y =
x + 4, the y-intercept is 4.
A slope on a graph

TEKS: 7(7)(A), 8(4)(A), 8(4)(B), 8(4)(C)