Unit Iteration

My Definition

Key Characteristics

The following are true of unit iteration:

  • Unit iteration refers to the use of a given unit several times to measure another unit.

  • Unit iteration of a unit fraction, such as iterating
    1 4
    to create
    3 4
    , represents the relationship between a numerator as a count and a denominator as what is being counted.

  • In higher grades, students will see iteration with sequences and numerical approximation.


Use the link below to further study examples of unit iteration.

Unit Iteration Activity


If two people share a stick of clay equally, which piece best represents how much of a stick of clay each person will have?

Image of one whole stick of clay.

Unit J cannot be a unit fraction that is iterated to make a whole. Two units extend past the stick of clay being measured.

Image of two units of clay, labeled J, that are larger than the whole stick of clay when put together.

TEKS: This term is not explicitly covered in the Mathematics TEKS.