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Here is a list of the terms and definitions on each card.

Card 1:
Term: Microsoft Excel
Definition: a commercial spreadsheet application
Card 2:
Term: True
Definition: Excel has 256 columns and 65,536 rows.
Card 3:
Term: Cell
Definition: the coordinate where a row and a column intersect
Card 4:
Definition: the function in Excel to compute the average of a range of cells
Card 5:
Term: =SUM
Definition: totals the values in a range of cells
Card 6:
Term: SPSS
Definition: more advanced statistical analysis software package than Excel
Card 7:
Term: Range
Definition: group of cells
Card 8:
Term: =STDEV
Definition: Returns the standard deviation of a range of cells.
Card 9:
Term: =Mode
Definition: returns the mode of a range of cells
Card 10:
Term: =SKEW
Definition: returns the skewness of a range of cells

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