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Welcome to the Gifted/Talented Teacher Toolkit I! The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has compiled these resources to help you teach research skills to your students. The toolkit includes links to websites and documents that provide background information on knowledge formation, specific resources for the four core content areas, tips for differentiating instruction for Gifted/Talented (G/T) learners, techniques for conducting research, and sample scope and sequence documents.

i. Purpose of the Toolkit

This toolkit is meant for teachers of Gifted/Talented (G/T) students who want to ensure that students undertake professional research and develop high-quality products in concordance with the State Goal for Services for Gifted/Talented Students. Schools should use G/T education in grades K-8 as a formative experience—the knowledge, skills, and processes practiced and acquired at this level will lead to the development of more complex and sophisticated student products in the upper grades. G/T education in grades 9-12 should reflect professional-level processes and performances. As educators, we need to consider how we can move G/T students from those early formative experiences to become developers of creative, unique, and advanced products. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) hopes that this toolkit can help you in this journey.

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iv. Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all of the regional Education Service Center Gifted/Talented (G/T) specialists for their work with G/T educators and their contributions to this toolkit. We would especially like to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Cecelia Boswell and Doris Teague for their contributions to the toolkit, and Jim Coffey, retired Region 15 G/T Specialist, for his leadership and vision in compiling these resources.

In the development of this toolkit, we have relied on a variety of valuable experts and resources. Every effort has been made to give sources proper credit. If any sources were omitted, please notify us for acknowledgements in future publications.

v. Contact Information

For additional information, contact your regional Education Service Center Gifted/Talented specialist (see or Monica Brewer, Statewide Coordinator of Gifted/Talented Education, at or