C. Product Development

A picture of documentsProducts are ways for students to communicate what they have learned through the synthesis and application of knowledge, concepts, and skills. In their product development, gifted/talented students should challenge existing ideas and construct original ideas, techniques, and materials. Students in the lower grades will need more teacher guidance in the product development process; however, high school students should be largely independent and reflect the work of professionals in the field. Examples of professional products include 1) the use of writing skills to produce technical documents and proposals, and 2) the use of research skills to investigate, experiment, and then present findings to a committee of professionals.

i. Developing Advanced Products

Advanced products that gifted students develop should reflect professional quality, address meaningful problems, be based on information from a variety of sources, and include self-evaluation and peer- evaluation. The websites listed below are some good resources for developing advanced products.

  1. Texas Performance Standards Project Tasks
  2. Student Products as the Link between Schools and Communities
  3. How To Develop New Products—The SCAMPER Technique

ii. Preparing and Making Oral Presentations

Part of the learning process for gifted/talented students should be sharing their findings with others. The websites listed below are some good resources for developing oral presentations.

  1. Understanding Communication Skills
  2. Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations
  3. Making Effective Oral Presentations, including a checklist
  4. Making PowerPoint presentations
  5. Managing Nervousness